Who is the Black Seahorse?

We named our shop the Black Seahorse because the Black Seahorse is known to bring good luck to its holder. This is a known story among all the Saltwater Woman from the communities up and down the Great Barrier Reef. 

 The Black Seahorse is a company that originates from the beautiful and unique people of the Saltwater indigenous communities. Green Island lies at the centre of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and is the home of a 6000-year-old rainforest. 

Wunyami Cultural Tours

Green Island's local tribes, the Gungandji and Yidinji tribes call Green Island Wunyami. Wunyami is a cultural sacred site used for ceremony. The tribal stories of this island have never been shared with tourists before. Cultural connection is strong on the island and the tour provides an opportunity to be welcomed by the spirits of the land. All tour guides have been given permission to share the story by their elders.

Their culture and history demonstrate a gap in knowledge that tourists and local Australians often forget about.

Would you be surprised if I told you that there aren't any indigenous tours on Green Island? Sadly, this has been a missing piece of the booming tourism industry on The Great Barrier Reef. That's where we come in! We have quickly become the leading organisation for hand-made, quality Saltwater products, gifts, and artworks curated by our Saltwater community. Additionally, we have built a tour that will provide you with the cultural learnings and ideals of the indigenous people on Green Island. 

  • Profit with a Purpose

    At Black Seahorse, we believe in giving back to our community and helping support the restoration of The Great Barrier Reef. In recent times our beautiful reef has been put under extreme pressure due to climate change. Our profit for a purpose mantra extends to all areas of our operation, from the sales of the artworks and products to ticket sales for our Wunyami Cultural Tour. A percentage of profits will be redirected to helping and supporting the tribal management of land and seascapes and this is something we hold so close to our hearts. 

  • We are a Social Enterprise 

    Black Seahorse is much more than just a shop and tour company; we want to give back to the community. We want to increase indigenous employment, celebrate indigenous artists, and help provide funding for the traditional management of the land and seascapes. Our social enterprise will inject much-needed financing for all these projects. We want to maximise improvements in the financial, social, and environmental well-being of the Saltwater communities. Celebrate this magnificent work with us by booking a tour or purchasing a product today!