Our unique tours are conducted by our indigenous tour guides, who will provide you with the most authentic and inspiring tour. Our tours have become a fundamental part of Green Island's cultural learnings. Our program works closely with the elders and young indigenous leaders, so they deliver with the authority of the Saltwater people. These tours are significant to the indigenous community connected to Green Island, they are a career pathway that instils respect and honour while sharing and teaching their culture and historical significance to a wider audience. 

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What Are Our Gimuy Wunyami Cultural Tours

Take a walk-through indigenous culture and how their ancestral stories are imprinted within Green Island's soil. Our Wunyami Cultural Tours incorporate saltwater stories and legends within Green Island and, more broadly, The Great Barrier Reef. We want to help raise awareness for the indigenous culture within Green Island and help you get a broader understanding of their history and culture. Our Wunyami Cultural Tours is solely linked to the cultural and historical surroundings intrinsic to Green Island.

All Aboard! Your Boat to Green Island

We have teamed up with Great Adventures, the most reputable tourism company in Cairns. They have supported our partnership by providing cruse trips to and from Green Island and The Great Barrier Reef. This agreement has added value both ways by providing an asset outside our budget while we provide a distinctive new product to the island.

This arrangement is instrumental in  making this unique Wunyami Cultural Tours possible.


Great Adventures boats depart from Cairns at 8.30am and 10.30am, takes approximately 45 minutes and returns from the island at 2.30pm and 4.30pm every day. Please contact Great Adventures for booking and confirmation. 

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