What Our Products Mean to Us!

Our products are all sustainably sourced and indigenous made. The profits we make from our products will serve the purpose of funding our Tribal Ecology initiatives. Our partnership with the Quicksilver Group has been instrumental in helping our business bring our great range of indigenous products to you. We are now delivering high-quality products that serve an essential purpose to our indigenous communities and our precious Great Barrier Reef. Additionally, our formed partnership with our indigenous arts collective means that we can deliver these high-quality products and provide the stories that accompany them. Browse our great range of products and find unique and authentic items with many deep connected stories.

Collection: Online Collection (Black Seahorse)

More than 4,000 Generations of Linage

We are indigenous owned and operated and all our gifts and artwork are produced through our Black Seahorse Arts Collective. Beautiful, crafted products are sourced from indigenous creatives who have prepared these products with guidance from ancient stories passed from generation to generation. Our products incorporate and encapsulate saltwater stories and legends of The Great Barrier Reef. Our products are highly unique and hold a place with the spirits of our ancestors.